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Student Research Guide

Developing a Research Proposal

A thesis proposal is an outline and justification of your proposed plan of research.  Your proposal will include:

  • the scope of your intended project,
  • an explanation of the questions in which you plan to investigate,
  • research methodology, and
  • the significance of your proposed research in relation to its wider contribution to the scholarly conversation.  

The aim of your thesis proposal is to explain to the reader what you intend to study, how you will engage with the topic, including your questions, and why this research is relevant. Lastly, it may include a timetable describing how you will manage your time as well. 

The proposal should be 4-6 pages in length and requires the approval of a mentor prior to submission to the curricular dean. 

Research Proposals Include the Following Sections:
  • Introductory section
  • Literature review
  • Methods section
  • Analytical section
  • Feasibility and limitations section
  • Preliminary bibliography