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Student Research Guide

Evaluating Resources

One of the most important skills related to thesis research and writing is learning how to determine the authorities of a given topic or discipline as well as understanding the relevance of a particular resource to the wider scholarly conversation. In essence, you will need to critically evaluate the resources you intend to draw into your writing. 

To evaluate a book in terms of its critical scholarly appeal, consider reading book reviews which can be easily accessed through HoyaSearch.

Most researchers will apply a set of criteria to evaluate resources found on the Internet to determine their credibility.  They include:

  • Currency - the timeliness of the information.
  • Relevance - the relative value of the information for your research need.
  • Authority - the source's credentials or organizational affiliations.
  • Accuracy- the reliability, truthfulness and correctness of the information or ideas being presented.
  • Purpose - the reason the information has been created. 

Contact your Subject librarian for assistance or to schedule a research consultation to learn more about evaluating resources.