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Qatar National Library Resources

Qatar National Library

The Qatar National Library (QNL) has a wealth of invaluable information and resources available to all members of the GU-Q community. As long as you have a valid Qatar ID, you will be able to access the QNL resources.

How can Qatar National Library help you?

The Qatar National Library (QNL) is a great resource and right next to the GU-Q building. Did you know that you have access to all the QNL's on-site and online resources? Although Georgetown University provides access to many books, journals, e-books, and more - QNL has some resources and services that aren't available through Georgetown. This includes certain online resources and databases, language resources, and on-site services.

Signing up - Instructions

Becoming a Member of Qatar National Library

Any Qatari citizen or Residency Permit (RP) holder is eligible to receive a free membership card. To become a Library member, follow the simple steps below:

18 years of age and above

  • Fill in the online registration form.
  • An auto-generated barcode number will be given to you.
  • Send a copy of your valid Qatari ID or RP (both sides) to
  • Your barcode and PIN number will be sent to your registered email.
  • Bring your valid Qatar ID or RP to the User Services Desk at the Library to pick up your membership card.