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This guide will help you develop the skills necessary to conduct research for your proseminar course assignments.

Librarians by Proseminar course

Which proseminar class are you taking? Find your librarian!

Depending on the proseminar class you have registered for, a personal librarian is assigned to you. Send an email to your librarian to ask them any questions you might have.

Robert Laws

Proseminar Courses Librarian for:

"INAF 100 - 73" (Musandu)

"INAF 100 - 75" (Schiwietz)

"INAF 100 - 76" (Walther)

Paschalia Terzi

Proseminar Courses Librarian for:

"INAF 100 - 71" (Alonso)

"INAF 100 - 72" (Kamrava)

Tatiana Usova

Proseminar Courses Librarian for:

"INAF 100 - 70" (Abusharaf)

"INAF 100 - 74" (Nebel)

How to Focus your Topic / Research Question

The following video will help you understand why it is important to take your time crafting your research question:

Ask yourself the following questions to make sure you have focused your research question or topic:

Who: are the actors involved in the topic you want to research?

What: exactly is the phenomenon you want to research? are there different aspects to it?

When: did or will the events take place?

Where: is the phenomenon or event taking place?