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First Year Student Guide

About the Writing Center

What does the Writing Center do?
  • The Writing Center is a great place for students to work on their writing with personalized feedback from our friendly professional staff and peer tutors.  

  • We work with students on all sorts of writing such as course assignments, certificate and honors theses, school applications, and project proposals.

What do I bring when I come to the Writing Center?
  • Some students come in without anything written; they just want to ask questions or talk about their ideas before writing anything.

  • Others come in with drafts of their work and want feedback and assistance with reorganizing, editing, and citing and referencing.

If you would like a writing appointment, you can:
  • book it on WCOnline or
  • drop by the WC to check appointment availability.

The Writing Center is located on the ground floor of the library, in room 0B11