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Faculty Guide for Library Services

Student Support


You can ask your students to book a one-on-one or group consultation with the Subject Librarian for research support.

In-Class Library Support

Click here to submit a library session request for your class.

Teaching Support

Invite a librarian to your class for a hands-on workshop. Improve your students' research skills and make them confident, information-literate researchers.

We teach:

  • How to identify useful information with advanced search strategies and techniques
  • How to find and access specialized materials such as primary sources and government publications
  • How to evaluate information on the Internet
  • How to cite properly and use citation tools like RefWorks & Zotero
  • How to use specialized software for projects, such as Omeka, Wordpress, Google Maps, ArcGIS, etc.

  See below for a list of options.

We create:

  Library Guides

  An online LibGuide, tailored to your course, can be embedded on Canvas. The guides can help your students in various ways:

  • As a reference point where they can find all the information sources needed for their course
  • As an educational tool to learn new research skills
  • As a refresher to what has been taught in a library session in your class

  Other Instruction Materials

  We can help boost your student's research skills with:

  • Videos
  • Handouts
  • Tutorials

list of library workshops

Other Options

You can always contact your Subject librarian to customize any of the above instruction options to better tailor it to your course needs.