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GU-Q: How to Cite

Use this guide to find out how you can easily collect and manage citation information

How to Reach Us

If you need any help installing and using a citation tool like RefWorks or Zotero, contact our librarians on the 1st floor:

Robert Laws

Paschalia Terzi

Tatiana Usova

Easy Citations

You can easily gather the citations from the sources you use from the library. When you find the material you need, just copy it in the style you need it!

Always be careful with ready formatted citations, most of the times are wrong! You will need to check and manually correct them before you include them in your work.

Primo Citations

Under the description of the book/article you want to cite, you will find a quotations symbol. Click on it and choose the citation style you would like to use

Scholar Citations

In Google Scholar, click on the Quotation button underneath a source and copy paste the citation in the style you need.

Which Tools Should I Use?

Watch the following short tutorials to learn how to install and use Zotero:

When you install Zotero on your computer, Google Docs and Microsoft Word integration is automatic. You only need to sync it to your account.

To create an account in RefWorks, make sure you click on the "Create account" link at the bottom:

Watch the following videos to learn how to use RefWorks effectively:

  RefWorks Zotero

Grab citations

Yes, with "Save to RefWorks" plugin.

Compatible with Primo discovery service.

Compatible with Google Scholar.

Yes, with "Save to Zotero" plugin.

Compatible with Primo discovery service.

Compatible with Google Scholar.

Cloud Space Unlimited

300 MB online

Desktop: depending on your computer's hard drive.

Subscription Model Library subscription Free
Cite in text editor Yes, Microsoft Word, Google Docs. Yes, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, LibreOffice.