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GU-Q INAF 100-75 Proseminar - Language and Identity

Why Cite?

Citing is an important feature of academic writing. We cite to:

  • avoid plagiarism by givining credit to and acknowledging other people when you have used their work (it can be a text, an idea, a photo etc.)
  • help others locate the sources of information we used
  • demonstrate our research process
  • provide support or evidence for our argument

What Do I Need for a Citation?

Remember that citations need to be complete in order for your readers to find easily and accurately the source your have cited. Different citation styles might ask you to keep note of different elements so make sure you keep all the necessary information from each source you use. In general it is recommended that you write down the following:

  • Author - Creator
  • Title of source
  • Title of container (for ex. periodical)
  • Other contributors (for ex. editor, translator)
  • Version
  • Number
  • Publisher
  • Publication date
  • Location
  • Access date

Which Tools Should I Use?

Watch the following short tutorials to learn how to install and use Zotero:

When you install Zotero on your computer, Google Docs and Microsoft Word integration is automatic. You only need to sync it to your account.

To create an account in RefWorks, make sure you click on the "Create account" link at the bottom:

Watch the following videos to learn how to use RefWorks effectively:

  RefWorks Zotero

Grab citations

Yes, with "Save to RefWorks" plugin.

Compatible with Primo discovery service.

Compatible with Google Scholar.

Yes, with "Save to Zotero" plugin.

Compatible with Primo discovery service.

Compatible with Google Scholar.

Cloud Space Unlimited

300 MB online

Desktop: depending on your computer's hard drive.

Subscription Model Library subscription Free
Cite in text editor Yes, Microsoft Word, Google Docs. Yes, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, LibreOffice.