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GU-Q: IPOL 392: Nationalism in the Modern World

Featured Online Documentary

Nationalism: Blood and Belonging Series series of 6 films (50 min each) that examines the true nature of nationalism, its sentimentality and persuasiveness, its roots and rootedness. Titles in the series: Reconquering the Conquest: Quebec, Mirror, Mirror: Northern Ireland, Lifting the Yoke: Ukraine, A Nation Returns: Germany, Dreaming a Nation: The Kurds, The Road to Nowhere: Yugoslavia

Hatred (1997) This wide ranging documentary travels from Berlin to Harlem to the Middle East and Australia to investigate the connection between hatred on a personal level and hatred between nations.

Ethnic Identity, Regional Conflict, and Peacekeeping Initiatives (1998) This compelling documentary examines efforts to promote and safeguard peace in the 20th century, a century defined by its wars.

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