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INAF 100-71: Proseminar - Culture and Society in the new Middle East

Internet Resources on the Middle East

Internet sources are the easiest and fasted place to go for information. But be careful, because most internet sources do not go through a peer-review process or have any kind of oversight, so anyone could put something about Medieval history on the Internet.

Source: Washington Post

There are some good Internet websites on Medieval History. A few clues will help you to determine if an Internet source is reliable or not.

  1. Is the website hosted at a university (.edu,, etc.) web address? - If yes, that's good because websites hosted at universities are more reliable to have good information
  2. Does the website give detailed information about the creator of the website?If yes, that's good since you can cross-reference the author(s) or organization
  3. Does the website look like it's being maintained (do links work? is the last update from 2001?) - If no, then the website might not get you information you want since things don't work correctly on the website
  4. Does the website have advertisements or odd links on it? - If yes, then it might be a personal  or commercial website, which may not have reliable content

These are just some things to look for when evaluating Internet resources.

* Tip: if you find something on a website that seems legitimate, cross-reference it - especially academic resources - to verify its autheniticity.