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INAF 100-71: Proseminar - Culture and Society in the new Middle East

Library Catalog

Books and E-Books - How to Search the Catalog

Where to Start?

Go to the library website or the library catalog

Start with what you know:  Middle East and culture

Review the list of results, a few things will jump out as you go through the results

  • INTERNET / Electronic Resource - what is this?
  • LAU Stacks - what is this?
  • Qatar Stacks - what is this?

You've found a possible resource that could be good

Once you've found an interesting title, click on it to view more details - for example: search for Middle East AND culture AND media

This view is the called the brief view for the title, but if you click on the title link you can see the detailed view of the item. This has several important features that can help you advance your research.

The Detailed View for a Title - Everyday life in the Muslim Middle East

  • Clickable author name - leads to more titles by the same author
  • Location, Call Number, and Status of title (is it available or checked out?)
  • Bibliographic information
  • Subject - links to more titles on the same topic (this can be very helpful to speed up your research)

If you don't find what you want with your first search...
  • Think of other words or phrases you can use to search: Arab states, Gulf States, individual countries
  • Find a good overview of the topic to get details about dates, key events, key people, and keywords
  • Look in the bibliography of a high quality title that you have found; what sources are other scholars using?
  • Ask for help if you're stuck, speak with your professor, find a librarian