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GU-Q: Planet Georgetown

Library research for future Georgetown University students

Researching Conflict

Characteristics of Conflict

When researching, the characteristics are designed to teach you the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY of your conflict.

  1. When did the conflict begin?
  2. Why did the conflict begin?
  3. Who are the major players?
  4. What kind of political system did the country have during the conflict? After? (ex. Democratic? Dictatorship? Were elections held?)
  5. What was the political structure of the country during the conflict? After? (ex. President? King? Congress?)
  6. How did the conflict impact economic development?
  7. Were geographic boundaries impacted?
  8. Were specifics groups of people impacted? Who where they and how were they impacted? (Ex. Women, Children, Religious minorities? Ethnic minorities?)
  9. Was there: Internal displacement? Refugees?
  10. Environmental impact of conflict?
  11. Were there impacts on education?
  12. How was language impacted?
  13. What role did national media play during the conflict? International Media? Social Media?
  14. Examples of art produced during the conflict? 
  15. How did the international community respond?
  16. How was the conflict resolved?
  17. Are there examples of post-conflict reconstruction?