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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Large Collections of OER

Large OER collections contain comprehensive resources for curriculum experts and instructors at all levels that enable them to find high-quality content such as: full university courses, interactive mini-lessons and simulations, adaptations of existing open work, open textbooks, and worksheets, and activities.

  • OER Commons
    This resource seeks to collect and distribute a variety of OER at a variety of levels and subjects.
    A large user friendly OER search engine that allows for users to search by subject or by course material type (e.g. textbooks, simulations, audio).
  • Mason OER Metafinder
    This search engine from George Mason University is connected to 15 major OER repositories.
  • Merlot
    This repository is one of the biggest and more famous places to find and share teaching resources.
  • Edsitement!
    Learning objects and lessons from the National Endowment for the Humanities. It offers a large collection of peer evaluated websites.
  • OpenCulture
    Contains media resources, audio books, films and more. This blog formatted repository seeks to bring together free resources on culture and education. The list of movies here is impressive.