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GU-Q INAF-100-75: The Sociological Imagination in the 21st Century

What is ArcGIS StoryMaps?

ArcGIS StoryMaps helps you tell remarkable stories with custom maps that inform and inspire.

The StoryMaps map maker can create custom maps for digital storytelling. Or add text, photos, and videos to maps and web scenes to create an interactive narrative that's easy to publish and share.

Access ArcGIS Products via the Georgetown ArcGIS Web Portal.

About the Assignment

What will you be learning?

StoryMaps allows you to combine media with geographic data and textual content with an enjoyable user experience. Have a look at an example: The Price of Georgetown: A Walking Tour of Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation at Georgetown University

You will know how to use the StoryMaps software platform and be able to:

  1. Login to your account as part of the Georgetown University ArcGIS Online platform
  2. Create a new Sidecar or Guided Map Tour
  3. Add a title and short description for your story
  4. Add a story points that includes textual, media, and/or geographic content
  5. Customize your StoryMap presentation theme, colors, cover image, etc.

You will learn how to use the library website to research your topic:

  1. Find information on the digital divide including books, scholarly journal articles, and newspaper articles
  2. Understand the importance of providing attribution for the sources you use

How to create a Guided Map Tour

How to build your StoryMap

Think of your topic in terms of a story that you can tell. For example, how the digital divide impacts non-English speakers, the disabled, the elderly, etc.

  • Research your topic and think of at least 5 major points that you want to highlight
  • For each point add a title, descriptive content, and associate it with multimedia content, geographic content, or both.
  • Remember to provide proper attribution for the textual and multimedia content you use

Remember, the 5 major points you use must have an overall thematic connection between them.