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GU-Q INAF-100-75: The Sociological Imagination in the 21st Century

Where do I begin?

Research Workflow
  • Begin with a general idea or area of interest.
  • Do some broad background research on the topic.
  • Take notes and create a list of important people, places, dates, things, events, concepts, and questions.
  • Take this list of keywords and begin searching in HoyaSearch using a keyword, or combinations of keywords, to discover what resources are available.
  • Identify and gain access to some books, book chapters, journal articles, newspaper articles, or multimedia content that could be useful in your research.
  • Read and evaluate the resources and decide if they will be helpful in your research

Finding and Identifying Secondary & Primary Sources

Workflow Example

Use HoyaSearch to conduct a search for Digital Divide and limit the results to Reference Entries.

1. Conduct background research to generate a list of keywords:

  • socioeconomic, sociopolitical, and technology gaps
  • 2000s
  • Paul Gorski
  • broadband technology and dial-up access
  • smartphones and other mobile technology
  • racial digital divide
  • non-use of technology:
    • (1) age,
    • (2) income and educational attainment,
    • (3) community type,
    • (4) disability status, and
    • (5) Spanish-speaking preference

2. Return to HoyaSearch with the keywords to conduct a more in-depth search for books, articles, and media content.

3. Gain access to the materials you need.

  • Check out books from the library
  • Read E-books and articles online
  • Ask a librarian for help if something isn't available

4. Read, Evaluate, and Repeat as needed.