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GU-Q: Newspapers at Georgetown

How to Find Newspaper Articles in GU-Q Library

There are various ways you can search for news articles in GU-Q Library:


To search all the newspapers in the library, go to the library catalog:

  1. Enter your keywords in the search box
  2. On the left of the results list, under "Content Type" filter by clicking on "Newspapers & Magazines".
  3. You can further refine your results by date and language

Journal Search

If you wish to find news only from a specific newspaper, or want to read the latest issue:

  1. On the library homepage, click on the tab "Journals"
  2. Enter the title of the newspaper. If the title you are searching is not listed in the results, try alternative spellings
  3. Click on the "Available online" link and choose one of the databases that contains this newspaper title

Database Search

If you are interested in a specific subject or time period, your can search in a newspaper database which is a collection of newspaper titles organized according to a theme or time-frame, for ex. newspapers on ethnic issues or archival newspaper articles.


  1. On the library homepage, click on the tab "Databases"
  2. Enter the name of the database if you already know it or...


  1. Click on the link "All" and select "News" from the drop down menu under "Database types"
  2. You can now browse through the titles or search for a keyword in the search box