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GU-Q: HIST-123: History of China II

Primary Sources Books

When you search HoyaSearch use a combination of keywords like China History Sources

Examples of primary source books:

Tip: Keywords

Use the following keywords to find a primary source in the catalog or in a database:

  • Source (s)

  • Document(s)

  • Narrative(s) - Memoir

  • Correspondence - Letters

  • Speech(es)

Print and E-books

GU-Q Library Print Books

Library Shelves

Browse the following LC number ranges in the GU-Q library shelves to discover print books about Chinese history:

DS701-799.9 China

DS730-731 Ethnography
Local history and description

DS781-784.2 Manchuria
Hong Kong

DS798 Outer Mongolia. Mongolian People's Republic

Subject Searches

Use the Subject field in the Advanced Search mode to improve the relevance of your results. Example keywords include: China, History, 18th century, 19th century:

China -- History -- 20th century

 Islam -- China -- History


You can find electronic books about China in two ways:

  1. Search HoyaSearch with your keywords and then limit using the filters to Available Online and Content > Books
  2. Access one of the large e-book collections listed below and conduct a keyword search. Alternatively, you can use the browse function: