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INAF 100-74: Proseminar - Genocide in the Modern World

Key Article Databases

Finding Articles - Introduction to Library Databases

Where to Start?

Go to the library website and use the HoyaSearch tab or the A-Z Database list (if you want to browse and search in specific databases)

Where books can be broad in their coverage, articles can be very focused. For example: You can find a book on the entire History of the Holocaust.. An article might just be about Camp conditions in Auschwitz.

Google Scholar is another great source for articles (and some ebooks)

   *Be sure to go into Settings, Library links and add in Georgetown University the first time you use Google Scholar.

Searching using Quotations and terms like AND, OR, and NOT

Not all searches are equal:  Auschwitz AND "camp conditions" VS Auschwitz AND camp conditions

Journal Articles vs. NOT a journal article

Content available on a database can include journal articles, book reviews, pamphlets, etc.


Be aware of the concept of peer-reviewed journal articles. These are journal articles that have gone through a rigorous review process by scholars in their field of study. You want to avoid articles that are not peer-reviewed, like popular magazines and many online sources (e.g. blogs, message boards, personal websites, etc.)