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GU-Q: Chicago Style

The Cite & Write Checklist - GUQ Writing Center

  • Is my sentence structure & vocabulary completely different from the source’s?
  • Have I expressed the author’s idea correctly?
  • Did I cite all my paraphrasing properly?
  • Do I have enough citations for my paraphrasing? 
  • (i.e. Did I paraphrase a whole paragraph and only cite it once at the end? That’s not good!)
Short Quotes & Long Quotes
  • If I copied a few words/a short amount of text, did I use “quotation marks”?
  • If I copied a longer amount of text, did I put it on a new line and indent it?
  • Did I cite all quotations properly? 
Citing:  Am I sure I cited all the ideas and information and quotes that I got from...?
  • another person
  • online sources
  • paper sources
  • papers that I wrote for another class/purpose
References/Bibliography/Works Cited
  • Have I included every source that I cited in the paper?
  • Have I included all the information needed for each type of source?
  • (e.g. books vs. articles; paper sources vs. online sources)