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GU-Q ANTH 284 - African Americans Ethnography & Film

African-American Ethnography through Multimedia

Civil Rights Marchers - Selma, Alabama - 1965

Source: Pettus, P. (Photographer). (1965) Participants, some carrying American flags, marching in the civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama [Photograph]. Retrieved from the Library of Congress,

E-Portfolio Project Workflow

Example of a Project Workflow for Google Sites

Choosing a topic and conducting research

  1. Select a topic for your project and conduct background research on that topic
  2. Develop a thematic outline for your project. Outline the story you want to tell and think about what types of multimedia you will need to tell it.
  3. Conduct research on multimedia content for your topic - including the use of library resources
  4. Select your multimedia and save it for use on Google Sites later. (keep in mind things like image quality and resolution, etc.)
  5. Develop the metadata information for your selected multimedia content