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WRIT 014 - Critical Writing and Reading

Key Grammar, Punctuation & Style Errors

Check grammar resources and the rules of punctuation from the Purdue Owl 

There are some common errors that can impact the grading of your academic paper. Check Hit Parade of Errors in Grammar, Punctuation, and Style (from the University of Toronto Writing Center) to avoid them.

If you make the same errors and would like to fix them, make an appointment with a writing tutor at the GU-Q Writing Center.

Getting Started

Check tips for all stages of the writing process, from understanding what your professor is asking for to polishing up your final draft. Cllick on a topic of interest to find written explanations and a few short videos.  

General Writing tips by Loyola Marymount University

Essay Structure

Once you know what you want to write about, it can be useful to write an outline for your essay. This link provides a sample outline for a 5 to 7 page paper: 

Example Essay Outline - from Walden University Writing Center 

Academic essays share the same basic structure. These resources will help you understand how to structure an academic essay:

Argumentative Essays - from Purdue Online Writing Lab

Compare & Contrast Essays -  from the Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

It is important to acknowledge, address and rebut counterarguments in your essay. This will help to make your argument stronger. Refer to the link below on how to develop your counterargument:

Counterarguments - from Harvard College Writing Center