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GU-Q: IPOL 322 - Foreign Policies of Middle Eastern States

How to Use Reference Sources

At the beginning stages of your assignment you will probably need some additional background information on your subject. During the middle stages of your project, you might also need to clarify a definition, or explore related topics that didn't come up when you were writing your outline. Reference databases can help you to:

  • Find more background information on your subject(s) quickly and comprehensively.
  • Create a list of related terms which will help you later on your research process with tools like the Mind Map.
  • Clarify new terminology or information that comes up during your work on an assignment.
  • Point you to additional resources.

Credo Reference Database

Credo is a database that contains encyclopedias, handbooks, guides and dictionaries in all disciplines. You can find it in the library's website under "Databases". You can also search using your keywords in this box:

Credo Logo

Gale Virtual Reference Library

References At the End of Articles

Use the references at the end of articles to find more information about a topic.

Other Reference Sources

Here are some examples of references sources you can find in the library, apart from the databases mentioned above: