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GU-Q: INAF 100: Studying the Qatar Crisis

Proseminar Course by Gerd Nonneman

Starting out your Research

Start your research exploration by breaking down your question to its basic concepts and find alternative terms for each one. This way you will have a list of interconnected ideas and various keywords to express them, which will come handy later on when you search the library or Scholar. A reference source like Credo can be useful at this point to make sure you have done the necessary background reading on issues or concepts you are not familiar with:

Think Tanks and Specialist Reporting

Credible Media

How to Search for Specific Newspapers and Magazines
  1. Go to the library homepage and select the tab "Journals".
  2. Enter the title of the publication.
  3. In the results list, click on the one that is more relevant to your needs.

You will notice that you need to go to a database and from there find the issue that you need.

How to Search for a News Topic
  1. In the library homepage, enter your keywords.
  2. In the results list, filter to "Newspapers & Magazines".

Easy Citations

You can easily gather the citations from the sources you use from the library. When you find the material you need, just copy it in the style you need!

Always be careful with software-generated citations because often they are wrong! You will need to check and manually correct them before you include them in your work.

Primo Citations

Under the description of the book/article you want to cite, you will find a quotations symbol. Click on it and choose the citation style you would like to use

Scholar Citations

In Google Scholar, click on the Quotation button underneath a source and copy paste the citation in the style you need.