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GU-Q: Up and Running with Canva: Library Resource Guide

Canva is a web-based tool to create a multitude of designs used for print and digital projects. Canva is great for students who want to create designs, but don't have the time to learn a complex software. You can sign up for a free account with Canva and start designing now.

Up and Running with Canva

Good video to get started - quick entry to understanding the software, covering essential features.

Getting Started in Graphic Design

New to graphic design? You're in the right place. offers hundreds of tutorials on design topics

Foundations of Layout and Composition

Layout and composition are the building blocks of graphic design.


Safari Books Online

Graphic Design Process

Graphic Design Process features a series of in-depth case studies exploring a range of both universal and unique design methods.

Color Design Workbook

Since color is such a important part of graphic design, designers need the most up to date as well as the most fundamental, information on the subject to have the tools needed to use color effectively.

Layout Workbook

An inspired resource for creating excellent layouts Layout Workbook is one of five volumes in Rockport’s series of practical and inspirational workbooks that cover the fundamental areas of the graphic design business.


YouTube Videos

A tutorial on how to use the web application Canva located at, used to design graphics for the web, school, and the work place.

Beginning to use Canva - Tutorial

5 key tips to help make your designs look more professional.