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IECO 400 Research Project Design


Here are some publicly available datasets that you can use for your research.

Firm Related

Household and Individual

Additional sources

Other data sets you could look into if the initial data sets do not work for you

Firm Related

If you are interested in working with data on financial information there are several datasets that might be of interest to you, like AuditAnalytics (data on auditors & bankruptcy filings); OSIRIS Insurance (data on insurance companies); CSMAR (data on the Chinese Stock Market); ISSM (data on the New York Stock Exchange); FISD (data on bonds and bond issuers); and OptionMetrics (data on options).  Working with these databases requires significant knowledge about the financial sector, and so these topics should only be pursued if you are feeling particularly ambitious. Keep in mind that time series projects are not allowed.

Household or Individual