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GU-Q: Kindles


How do I access the books on my personal account on the Library Kindles?

For Kindle Fires

1. You will need to deactivate the Georgetown account by choosing, Settings—> My Account—> Touch Deregister—> log in to your personal account

2. If you have deregistered from the Georgetown account but want the account again, you will need to bring the Kindle to the front desk so we can log on for you.

Can I get the Library’s Kindle books on my personal device?

- Due to account restrictions, Library Kindle books can only be read on Library kindle devices.

There are no books on the Kindle.

1. Books need to be downloaded from the Cloud before they can be read on the Kindle.

2. From the device Homepage,choose Books—>Cloud–> Then the books you want—> The book will begin to download.

What happens to the bookmarks and notes when I return the Kindle?

- All bookmarks and notes are automatically saved to the cloud. This means they are visible to everyone using a Georgetown Kindle devices - even after you have returned the device.

How do I cite books from the Kindle?


Reference List

Format - Author, A. (Year). Title of book [Kindle Edition]. Retrieved from http://xxxxx

Example - Larsson, S. (2009). The girl who played with fire. [Kindle Fire Edition]. Retrieved from

In Text

Format - (Last Name, year, p.)

Example - (Larsson, 2009, p. 5)


Works Cited

Format - Last Name, First. Title. Place of publication: Publisher, date. Source.

Example - Larsson, Stieg. The Girl Who Played With Fire. n.p: Vintage, 2009. Kindle Fire Edition.

In Text

Format - (Last Name, page)

Example - (Larsson, Stieg, 5)



Format - First name Last Name, Title (Place of publication: publisher, year), Kindle edition.

Example - Stieg Larsson, The Girl Who Played with Fire (n.p: Vintage, 2009), Kindle edition


Format - Last Name, First. Title. Place of publication: Publisher, year. Kindle edition.

Example - Larsson, Stieg. The Girl Who Played with Fire. n.p: Vintage, 2009. Kindle edition