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GU-Q: Student Health and Wellness

A collection of resources to support the health and well being of Georgetown University in Qatar students

Student Wellness and Counseling Centre (SWCC)

Don't hesitate to contact the SWCC at any time to talk about any issues relating to your health and wellness:

First Floor, 1G09 - 1G19  Phone: +974-4457-8330  Fax: +974-4457-8331  On Call: +974-5503-9044

​From daily fruit to movie sessions the SWCC also offers a number of Wellness Outreach and Health Promotion Programs

Healthy Lifestyle

Sleep is one of the major health issues for college students with half of all students reporting regularly reporting sleepiness during the day.Find out how lack of sleep and difficulty falling asleep negatively impacts your life and what you can do to get a better night's rest.

Difficulty Sleeping? LEARN MORE

Fitness Classes. Look out for emails and announcements on a variety of fitness and meditation classes offered in the building for free of charge to all enrolled students.

Overview of Alcohol and Other Drugs
Information about the health effects of these substances, how the body processes alcohol, and how to prevent excessive intoxication or alcohol poisoning.