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GU-Q IPOL 327: Sports, Politics, and Society in the Middle East



On the library homepage you can search for all the materials available in GU-Q library. Use filters on the left to focus your results:

Subject Search

An effective way to retrieve the most relevant results is to conduct a subject search. In "Advanced Search"  on the library's website, use the "Subject" field. Combine your keywords with AND | OR | NOT to expand or limit your searches accordingly. Some suggested searches for this course include:

Qatar sport OR Middle East sport (very broad search but includes all possible results )

Sport AND Political (very narrow search)

padel NOT paddle (search results will not include the topic you are not interested in)

Using the Content Type Filter

Use the "Content Type" filter to make sure your results are limited to academic sources like journal articles, books and book chapters, and conference papers:

Check if the "Peer-Review" icon appears underneath the description for articles: