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GU-Q: HIST 107: Pacific Worlds


Debate Question: Should Japan revise its pacifist constitution?

(Image: Japanese translation of 1947 Constitution - originally written in english)

Resources - Essential Documents

  • Constitution of Japan (in effect as of May 3, 1947) - from the website for the Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet (pay special attention to Article 9 - Renunciation of War).
  • Birth of the Constitution of Japan - important documents from the National Diet Library in Japan about the development of the 1947 Constitution.

Historical Context - before and after the 1947 Constitution was adopted

Structuring your research
  1. Look at sources that are specifically on Japan and Asian Studies
  2. Use the library search tool
Databases to get you started

These databases provide background information that can help familiarize you with the broad dates, individuals, concepts, and events related to history.