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GU-Q HIST-181: US History Since 1865


American History from 1865 - Music and Art

This guide contains library resources about Music and Art from American History. It's intended to help students with their assignment to present on a song or artwork from American History. Included are mostly e-books, databases, and links to useful external resources.




Background Research/Reference

Music Databases

Databases with a focus on Music

Art Databases

Databases with a focus on Art

Examples of American Art and Music

Art Example

Roy Lichtenstein
This Must Be the Place, 1965

Source: Corlett, Mary Lee, and Ruth E. Fine. The Prints of Roy Lichtenstein: A Catalogue Raisonné 1948-1997. New York and Washington, D.C.: Hudson Hills Press and the National Gallery of Art, 2002, no. III.20.

Music Example

Scott Joplin
The Ragtime Dance, 1906

Source: Joplin, Scott. The Ragtime Dance. Stark, Monographic, 1906. Notated Music.