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GU-Q: PHIL 099: Political & Social Thought

Key Locations in the Library

B163-B753 (Philosophy) Plato, Artistotle, Al Farabi 

B1247-B1545 (Philosophy) Hobbes, Locke, Hume, Smith, Mill

HB76-103 (Economics) Smith, Marx

HQ1596 (Feminism) Wollstonecraft

HX39-73 (Socialism, Communism, Anarchism) Marx

JC51- JC585 (Political Theory) Machiavelli, Burke, Rousseau, Mill

PR5841 (English Literature) Wollstonecraft

Why Books?

Ensure some quality control to your research by starting with the readings mentioned at the end of each introduction section of the textbook chapters

If you are searching for a specific item, use title or author search in the library catalog to locate the call number indicating the location on the shelves.

If you are searching in general use keyword or subjects in the library catalog to find a selection of possible books and a call number range to allow you to browse the shelves.

Using the Catalog

How to search the catalog

The catalog is where you can find information on all the books, DVDs and other physical materials we have in the GU-Q Library, in addition to those held at the main campus libraries. You will also find all the online resources you can access such as e-books.

You can search the catalog in GU-Q Library's homepage by clicking in the HoyaSearch tab and selecting "Everything" on the dropdown menu to the right. Simply type your search terms in the search box and click "Search".

Next, select the "Qatar Library" filter on the left and click "Apply Filters". Results will be listed according to relevance.

Click on "Available at" to check the location of the item in the library. Some books might not be available because someone else has already borrowed them. You can check the return date in the "Availability" section of the description:

How to Find a Book on the Shelf

What is a Call Number and how to read one: 

  • You will find a call number listed in the library's catalog, corresponding to a number on the spine of a library book or DVD, and indicating the book's location in the library. Think of it as the book's address.
  • The GU-Q Library uses the Library of Congress (LC) classification system, where the call number starts with a letter. High School libraries often use the Dewey Decimal Method which start with a number. The LC system is designed to group library materials of similar subject concentration together. 
  • To read the call number, simply note the first letter or letters of the call number. "LA" would be shelved before "LB", "LC" before "LD", etc.  Numbers follow the initial letter or letters. These numbers are read as whole numbers. A call number of "LA2" will be shelved before "LA4".

Here's an example of a call number on a book spine: