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GU-Q ANTH-330: Indian Ocean Ethnography

Methods to Organize your Content

Using Omeka is an important aspect of the class. To help you get started, please see the following steps as a sample workflow for the project.

Sample Research and WordPress Workflow
  1. Selecting a Topic and Research
    • Think of an interesting topic and conduct a search. Ex. Zanzibar and the Slave Trade
    • Search Google, Google Scholar, Library Website
  2. Develop a Structured Outline & Explore Multimedia Content
  3. Upload Content to the course WordPress website
    • Images
    • Audio
    • Video
  4. Develop Final Webpage
    • Select Media Items
    • Words are Important
    • Add citations

Class Commons Blog (WordPress Website)

ANTH-330: Indian Ocean Ethnography - Administration Area

ANTH-330: Indian Ocean Ethnography - Website